Alex Di Genova

Alex Di Genova

Professor of Bioinformatics

Universidad de O'Higgins

Dr. Di Genova is a professor of Bioinformatics and Computational Biology at Universidad de O’Higgins in Chile. He is an expert in algorithms and data structures, third-generation sequencing, and cancer genomics.

Dr. Di Genova has published numerous articles in top-tier scientific journals, including Nature Biotechnology, Gigascience, and Nature Genetics. His research has contributed significantly to computational biology and bioinformatics, focusing on developing novel algorithms for analyzing large genomic data sets.

Some of Dr. Di Genova’s notable publications include “Efficient hybrid de novo assembly of human genomes with WENGAN” (Nature Biotechnology), “Fast-SG: an alignment-free algorithm for hybrid assembly” (Gigascience), and a recent article in Nature Genetics where he and The rarecancergenomics team conducted multi-omic analysis of malignant pleural mesothelioma, identifying molecular axes and specialized tumor profiles driving intertumor heterogeneity.

Dr. Di Genova is the founder of the Di Genoma Lab, which is dedicated to developing new algorithms and employing cutting-edge omic technologies to understand complex biological systems. Under his leadership, the lab is focused on advancing the field of cancer genomics and developing effective and genome-guided treatments for Chilean cancer patients.

Through his research and teaching, Dr. Di Genova is committed to training the next generation of bioinformaticians and computational biologists with a focus on developing innovative solutions to the complex challenges facing the field.

  • Genome assembly
  • Algorithms
  • New sequencing technologies
  • Cancer genomics
  • PhD in Complex Systems,, 2017

    Universidad Adolfo Ibañez

  • Bioinformatics Engineering, 2007

    Universidad de Talca